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My first encounter with quilt is a mini quilt which was given by my friend who had moved from Okinawa. This is my treasure. At that time I just thought "I can not do." When the youngest child entered kindergarten, I had a little time then I made the first product. I was told "It is easy! Just saw from mark to mark." then I became in the mood. I was taught just one how to make the star. Sawing several, then I realized. It would become large when I add them. Interesting...  It become larger and larger. It is awful that I knew nothing. "It is safe for the beginner using same kind of cloth. Quilting? Just saw around." I had easy advise, then completed Medallion quilt. I think now it was reckless. Is it a proof that if one has eagerness, then one can do everything? 

Then I got a call from a friend of Kindergarten that she wanted to make a circle in the community center but it shortage a member. And she asked to me to lend my name! This was a starting of my quilting life. I am a big fan of Mis Chuck Nohara, Mis Yoko Saito, Mis Sizuko Kuroba. This is a copy quilt, isn't it? When can I exodus ...?

omoide.jpg (75211 バイチE
sanpura.jpg (63648 バイチE 【Sampler quilt】

When I was practicing in the class, I tried to make something favorite with my favorite color. 

【Medallion quilt】

medallion.jpg (68413 バイチE

This was published in "Quilt Japan".

It was a time that I was absorbed to correct cloths and this gave me a study of drafting and gradation. This is reminiscent product. Referring the book, searched cloth then making the pattern. Then I gave up at right lower part of gradation, became a disciple of the class of Ms. Kuroda. She praised a little but ... I had to remake 4 or 5. Then I thought border was perfect and went to the class with stars in my eyes...this time I was told it was pell-mell and suggested to divide the pattern and back to square one.  Saw and unseam, after the burden of making, the pleasure of accomplishment was the superlative! Technique is a important thing for patchwork but also the point is combination of cloths, isn't it?  [1990]   (170 X 202cm) 

【Scrap quilt】

scrapboader.jpg (54501 バイチE

Small scrappy cloth which I could not throw away. At that time, I was attracted by the photos of antique quilt of England. It is frame scrap quilt and medallion quilt also. I wondered if I could make it so I began to challenge. I started that deciding center part was rectangular of 2cm, then with drafting and made it bigger a little at one time. At first, I planned to make just center part, during sew together, I was devoted and made it to the last. This is a half size of original one. When the calculation was not match I adjusted using lattice.

   Fighting with calculator .... [2002]  (142 X 172cm)

scrap1.jpg (47760 バイチE I love an embroidery of center so much. Since I could not find the print cloth, embroidered the picture appeared on the quilt magazine. This might be my ideal one? The scrap quilt using scraps like brown color. At first I sewed together imagining the flower garden, after that, I concentrated on sewing tougher the hexagon without thinking. This can portrayed a faint color difference by dividing the pattern. I studied playing with cloth. It was fabulous when I accomplished it. A hexagon with 1.2cm on a side. [1995]   (76 X 68cm)

【Memorial quilt】

double.jpg (67540 バイチE This is a double wedding I made it for my marrying daughter (eldest). I had helped for my friend making for her daughter. I had thought I would too. I remember I was unsettled by it came earlier than I thought. This was used instead of "Kinbyobu" (golden folding screen) of wedding celebration. Inspired!! And table cloth which was sewn together 6 quilts for memorial....  [1997]


bebykiruto.jpg (79216 バイチE Memorial quilt for the first grand daughter was born. I embroidered her name on cargo train. We have two cars now. There may be .....  [1999]  (130x112cm)   

Two years later, second daughter also married and I had to make one more quilt. Grandmother became so busy. I made it when I went home to help her delivery. Daughter was responsible for drawing. She wanted to use it actually in daily base, so I made it a little larger size.

marina-.jpg (71767 バイチE When I came to my husband only three months with I-95 visa, I encountered a one book then I made it enthusiastically. I asked staff of quilting specialist shop to choose the cloth bringing that book to show. There was a lots of cloths in there and it was difficult to search. I was very supplies. I could not get bored even if I staying all the day. I returned middle of it, and when I saw it one year later I was just impressed as "I did do it very well!" and it became smaller than plan. (Plan was 9 peaces) It always happened. This is it which everybody wants to try.

[2001] (109 X 109cm)

turi-.jpg (66451 バイチE 【Tree】

I simply made the quilt of fir tree and just sew the white beads on it. I enjoyed changing the decollation every yare. It is fun to make small things on Xmas.


【Santa Claus】  There is a joyful story.
santa5.jpg (69878 バイチE santa1.jpg (58613 バイチE santa2.jpg (60706 バイチE santa3.jpg (60345 バイチE santa4.jpg (55756 バイチE

【Mini quilt】
seityo.jpg (46172 バイチE neko1.jpg (39051 バイチE hagoita 1.jpg (75951 バイチE arubamu.jpg (55480 バイチE
ohinasama.jpg (79750 バイチE dscn0194.jpg (57059 バイチE hanakago.jpg (69125 バイチE


dining.jpg (64909 バイチE

fukuroup.jpg (60341 バイチE

Fortune comes ... made with wish. I remember it took long time to search cloths. Since is was very pretty I made big and small one. (Cushion)
kumasan.jpg (92340 バイチE nuigurumi.jpg (78376 バイチE pahu.jpg (79020 バイチE kumasan2.jpg (55354 バイチE

A hen is a door stopper. It contains two bricks. Grandchildren rode it when they were little.

A bed for cat using puff. It had been used as the car cushion, since a part of it was worn so did recycling. It became old cat's favorite.


bag.jpg (39079 バイチE bag.jpg (47717 バイチE pouch 5.jpg (87709 バイト)

Cussion.jpg (67417 バイチE

n mat.jpg (86883 バイチE t kurosu 2.jpg (63700 バイチE t kurosu 1.jpg (72606 バイチE

【Bed cover】

nbetcavere 1.jpg (95175 バイチE I made nine patch when I had a time then sewed together by sewing machine. 
bedcover.jpg (55079 バイチE Using children's old pajamas, sewed together by sewing machine. The pattern of  fling geese. Appearance of threading each other was like a bunting. for decoration. I wonder how many peaces I sewed? Since my son was taller than a girl, change the length in middle of work. It became original? design by making a space.


Since my feet were chilled when in winter, we use this  as "kotatsu" (Japanese heater) sending warm air in it using small heater. This is a bed cover when my child was little. 

(188 X 220cm)


《I asked to take a picture》    

harwreath.jpg (65995 バイチE This is a wall hanging wreath utilize the print pattern. We can make it original when we use same cloth by changing a cut of cloth and allocation. One of the arts that I want to make. The place where lack of leaf and flower is filled up by appliqué.  This is a sewing machine quilt.
megami 1.jpg (64584 バイチE amerika.jpg (117245 バイチE When we were invited to our friends; new home, I found these which I wanted to make! These two articles are the one that all the quieter should make. I finally met them. USA map was decorated with badges when they traveled. (My one was accomplished as our crossing USA  from NJ, CA to GA). We could not go to sight seeing for Statue of Liberty when we lived in NJ because of terrorism. There was a lot of things happened at that time so I wanted to bring down this as my memorial.

I made the Page of Tole painting of my friend. (Under construction)

【They are growing big】

japan4 2.jpg (79656 バイチE japan4 1.jpg (61879 バイチE japan4 3.jpg (74438 バイチE japan4 6.jpg (80315 バイチE They are my grandchildren. They become five in a tick. I am very grad but worry a little though....
Chibi scrounge "Katsuobushi" (dried skipjack) I lose when it appeal by trickle eyes. 18 years old. japan4 4.jpg (97959 バイチE karen.jpg (72235 バイチE Timid Karen.

It is dieting now.


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