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 【Peachtree City Classic 2006 15k】

I'm tired... I cannot still win aging though I have practiced the long distances more than last year.
Anyway, I hustled.   Records were 04 seconds of 1 hour and 36 minutes.   Ha,ha,ha. It was 40 seconds from last year slower.
Let's make it to the thing said it is satisfactory in this because the record was the first half in one's fifties girl it and just existed at the position of the center.
And, only people who were running in same age group were rushing and the felt thing was like a confident person.
It is likely to try to various rallies.   The record is good for the age to become it up ・・・.
My husband of the first trial runs the whole distance at 35 seconds of 1 hour and 41 minutes.
Sons(?) updated their target record respectively. I envy their .youth.
Thank you very much. Let's hustle even in 2007.   (I wish I am possible to run.)                    (2006/10/21)

We went to Providence Canyon State Park that is called mini Grand Canyon.
It is in the south from the southwest Columbus of GA in one hour.
We drove through  85-185-520-27-1-39, then hiking with the rice ball (From home for about two hours.)

About 1800 year, this place seemed to have been farmland.  Because it was easy to have collapsed from the layer fragilely though the layer (red clay) on was a hard soil, it became it like this. There was a hiking trail of three miles and seven miles. Because we ran in 15km two days ago, and tiredness still remained, we strolled in three-mile course. The stone assumed lying about was not, and walked on sand. Water flowed just a little at this time. If it rains, does it become a terrible flow? A lovely flower made our mind feeling good.

minicanyon1.jpg (99121 バイト) minicanyon2.jpg (96779 バイト) minicanyon3.jpg (124518 バイト) minicanyon4.jpg (103233 バイト) minicanyon5.jpg (122430 バイト)
minicanyon6.jpg (114551 バイト) minicanyon7.jpg (115871 バイト) minicanyon8.jpg (94643 バイト) minicanyon9.jpg (99679 バイト) minicanyon10.jpg (102370 バイト)
minicanyon11.jpg (92436 バイト) minicanyon12.jpg (106444 バイト) minicanyon13.jpg (97260 バイト) minicanyon14.jpg (104167 バイト) To such a place...

Car of person who had lived in old times. However, it is left now. These makes us imagine this age, don't they?

minicanyon15.jpg (105962 バイト) minicanyon16.jpg (122459 バイト) minicanyon17.jpg (127789 バイト)

We enjoyed the walking of two hours in the park.
However, is the thing that remains in the first memory deer's parent and child?
When we were draw attention by the deer that had crossed the road, a fawn appeared following it.
My husband slammed on the break and it was safe. My heart was high pitch state.
There was a similar thing in Yosemite National Park in old times ・・・ The bear at that time.
I was closing car window panicking why. (October 9)

We applied for the Peachtree Classic Race. Of course 15k.
We will run together this year. We practice with young guys sometimes and given stimulation.
We did the last practice on 7th. I lost sight of the target runner beginning to run in 30 minutes at time though about three minutes were shortened more than last time. I was alone afterwards, no change of usual. However, when I reached a goal, I heard the live performance of big band jazz. I was excited because the live performance was after a long time. There was an event that walked in the course of 5km of 【Memorial Walk】 on the day. Our real race will be 21st.

I found and put the simple recipe of cutting the apple, mixing the material sequentially and burning.
I feel the assortment of the nut and apple is a kind of adult tastes.

The birthday party ended safely. Children seemed to have been very pleased. I received the photograph, introduce it.

yuusuke2.jpg (43679 バイト) yuusuke3.jpg (48901 バイト) My friend said she made it referring to Yoko Kobayakawa's recipe. Pink cream seems to have used the condensed strawberry. I am going to let her teach this recipe.  Please be expecting.
anpanman2.jpg (93716 バイト) anpanman3.jpg (71540 バイト) There are many Anpanmen! So lovely!!
The marble chocolate was applied to Ritz. It is in a good condition and there is a hollow in the bonding position. Bonding is decoration pen of the chocolate.(by Mayumi)
I want to make it with grandchildren ・・・


              《Being producing now・・・・・》

【Mat of double Irish chain】

The design where a diagonal lattice of two this color lines appears in distributing pattern A and B of five lattices to Ichimatsu.
Arrangement separately for a thick color, neutral tints, and subtle colors is decided. Fabric scraps to be asleep in the box it is not possible to throw away is taken an active part. It might be scrap quilt. The paper pattern is a square of 2.5cm. The square and the rectangle of 5cm were put by play. (Have I gotten tired?) A is 18 pieces, and 17 B sewn and matched. The side job for the time being.
I arranged them. It becomes like this.
I do the cut cloth displayed between books and the arrangement of color in the recreation. They are made to suit my mood and it arranges it because it is revokable when sewing and matching it. To substitute the cloth, it only has to turn it over.
The chaff cloth can be arranged and refreshingly.

Irish Chain1.jpg (80024 バイト) Irish Chain2.jpg (78974 バイト)

【Bable porch】

balloon1.jpg (85110 バイト) I got chaff cloth set of the kimono from the souvenir of Japan. There is uneasiness of ・・・・ when putting it away in the shelf and stopping on the way. Is the recreation?
The porch where the paper balloon was imaged. Suit me by using splashed patterns. (completion 11.5cm)

【Migration Quilt】
I made the gradation of the hexagon using four type pattern I encountered not Mola when going to the library to look for Mola's book but this work. Seeming the one that the change at the four seasons was expressed in the work in 1983. Drafting is three capitation. I thought I might do because I made the Crystal star which used 150 colors last year. I got troubles of cloth selection though it started in the conviction. To cut it from various places of the cloth, the size of the paper pattern was made 4.5cm. I think 1.5cm is a limit.  The cloth has been able to be arranged by the work of searching cloth. Surroundings ran up a seam on the machine. It is ended though I have some not like.
Order finally came. Ironing is very so, and melancholic because it is detailed.
Mail with 'Completed it' reached from the friend of NJ that sent the copy. I should work hard too ・・・ -.

migration1.jpg (69815 バイト) migration2.jpg (98590 バイト) migration3.jpg (94005 バイト) migration4.jpg (94620 バイト) migration5.jpg (91390 バイト)

                    《work in 2006》

【A  Cat  For  All  Seasons】
I stated after microcopied the pattern which given by my friend. This looks like Karen of the American short hair living in my hous of Japan. Does it become slim being run after by grandchildren ?  (each 22x22cm)
I met Mola and became the corner was sharpen. Still, how to put the incision.
It was in time for Halloween. Sigh.

karen.jpg (72235 バイト) cat for6.jpg (121878 バイト)
Spring  Cat Summer  Cat Autumn  Cat Winter  Cat
cat for2.jpg (75270 バイト) Cat For.jpg (56699 バイト) cat for3.jpg (87676 バイト) cat for4.jpg (74265 バイト)


Cotton came to shortage while assembling Teddy Bear, so I got it from cloth of the quilting (remainder of bag) was undone, and the inner cotton was procured. However, I didn't settle down because a remaining cloth was anxious. I mimicked thing of the gradation using it as the foundation cloth. Are you unexpectedly interested? I added another cloth to the anxious part and sets and reveres. It is interesting what color will appear after cutting is not imaged. The crayon is piled up, painted in childhood, and the picture has been written. Such feeling. 【 the fourth work 】 How to put the incision of  corner has become good. However, there is irregularity.

rainbow3.jpg (112345 バイト) rainbow1.jpg (82562 バイト) rainbow2.jpg (99388 バイト)

【Stripe fish】
Is a solid feeling interesting and is one that is [de] interesting?It made it to doing a repeated quilting of the kilt cotton and the back cloth to finished Mola. The gradation cloth sews with the sewing machine, matches, copies the design, multiplies the discipline, and is a length festival. The gradation cloth excludes from the cut put in length, and it sees it like the lattice. (lattice Mola)
The parts of eyes set another cloth in the accent.
[Aaa] ・・・・ was put away as soon as. It puts in the cloth below when the incision is put and the schedule change. Setting another cloth only by one place changed by four places by thinking about the balance because it was unnatural. It is good. solve
Border is a cloth of the indigo dye brought from Japan. The [boutsuu] [shino] part was suppressed with the button and it played for a moment. (the third work)

m fish3.jpg (71054 バイト) m fish.jpg (68039 バイト) m fish2.jpg (69833 バイト)



bear1.jpg (77142 バイト) bear2.jpg (78177 バイト) It produces Teddy Bear with jeans that had been bought when having come to the United States. ・・・・ and hope were put on the corner of the holding shelf. It boldly cuts it because the one thrown away. It is interesting if there are several kinds of jeans if the desire is said. (After it disposes when it is necessary. )The needlework match of the design embroidery of the back and the manufacturer of the pocket to the point with the sewing machine. The girlfriend was able to do in Teddy Bear that had been brought from Japan.


Mola who decorates body of a garment of blouse of woman of native people in San Blas islands that float on Caribbean Sea and [kuna] family.
It is powerful and delicate. a vivid arrangement of color that centers on the primary color
Putting in amount, and being decorated it as an art sleep though knew ..making this...
Mola is a technique of revering it when cloths how many are clipped repeatedly. (applique and opposite)
When copying onto the cloth by using the French chalk paper when the design is copied onto tracing paper, sewing, and matching it, the individuality little by little?[Gadetekimasu]. Do not rush and politely ・・・ -.
This work is technological level 3. I think that it has gripped the knack a little while sewing and matching it.
However, the triangle is how to put the ・・・・・ incision. There might be a cause of [ni]. Is it impossible if it doesn't make it a lot?

・・・・・ When the design copied onto tracing paper was seen repeatedly, it cheated well. This is in the technology.
[Sakefukuro] is used instead of Azabu. Embroidery also changed from outline S to running S. Atmosphere might changed for a moment. The upper part is embroidered, the bunch is made, and the end. Is this safe 7.8 years ago when ..[sakefukuro] found in Kamakura.. ironing? ..smell.. ・・・・・ all over the room


friend1.jpg (68077 バイト) friend2.jpg (69256 バイト) friend3.jpg (77264 バイト) friend4.jpg (73502 バイト) friend5.jpg (77940 バイト)
friend6.jpg (86461 バイト) friend8.jpg (96332 バイト) From the race handicraft 【 first Mola 】 on Island of the Sun

Mola's paper pattern reached from acquaintance's mother. Thank you.
Please let me enjoy, and make it. (August 6)


welcome5.jpg (149398 バイト) Third Cross-stitch work.   Embroidered cloth? Because [ni] picture is printed, it starts from the misunderstanding , saying that 'Do you embroider it easily?'.
The embroidery string of 35 colors is used. Hesitate.. part..arrangement of color..favor..embroidery..string..insufficient..become..accident..same..color..string..find.Please take care. It completes it though it manages to have stopped on the way a lot. The level was high ・・・ -.

【Floral  Heart  Wreath】

The lease of the heart was made by using the print cloth of the flower well, and the photograph kilt was put.
Completion of marriage present of niece. The wedding photo is scheduled to be added. Congratulations.

wreath1.jpg (78960 バイト) wreath2.jpg (81451 バイト) wreth3.jpg (96535 バイト) wreth4.jpg (108972 バイト)


It met Mola's work, and it did not settle down. Because Mola's paper pattern was found in the clipping of the book brought from Japan, it produces it while recalling how to make. Work to require patience. It might only have to be thought that the sewing method is opposite to the Hawaiian kilt. The cloth is tried by piling up four pieces. Is it sober in change and change ・・・・ while sewing and matching it?[Ninatteikimasu]. Still, arrangement of color that cannot be done?  A cloth the primary color, that is, pieces how many is drawn repeatedly.
It very likes this design. The one that is so indefinitely.

mora m2.jpg (99990 バイト) mora m3.jpg (85250 バイト)

There is not tick's worry, and either because it is possible to wash soon when becoming dirty, the mat is made by using jeans.
・・・・ and it ..cat's pattern.. plans to the point solving the bought macula in the antique fair because it has hurt for a moment.   
([kurodaatsuko] teacher's 【 hand-sewn work 】 reference)

What? Ready? go!
cat3.jpg (87667 バイト) cat.jpg (95791 バイト) cat2.jpg (90819 バイト)

【photograph quilt】

The kilt that tried once.
The photograph of the printed travel was shown to return home to Japan last year.
Memories kilt production schedule of the United States life ・・・(Was meeting slow for a moment?)
Immediately, the     form named Computer Printer Fabric is bought, and it stands by.
The photograph of the first, the birthday, and the Seven-Five-Three Festival has been sent. Excitement throbbing
The grandchild is lovely. ・・・・ Neither that nor this are decided. Photograph..size..reduce..cut..happy..machine..get irritated..master..snarl.The work of the master serious, too and fight with the student with bad memory.
Next time, can you do alone?It is uneasy.

・・・・ It came to be able to do with that alone.
It is great. It is great. It self-satisfies it.


【Hai Ceese】
Log cabin where kilt is piled up to back cloth in wick, discipline is put, and peace is sewn. It is the best for the present. All good expression.

arubamu 6.jpg (98533 バイト) arubamu 7.jpg (96301 バイト) arubamu8.jpg (82431 バイト) arubamu5.jpg (99247 バイト)
arubamu10.jpg (96798 バイト) arubamu3.jpg (98897 バイト) arubamu11.jpg (106191 バイト) arubamu12.jpg (109116 バイト)

【six grandchildren】
Aging cannot be concealed though it will be young. I wonder can do nothing but be good each other.
Children are striving to bringing up a child. It becomes stout every time it meets. A thing glad.
The grandchild's growth was made a kilt.

arubamu2.jpg (78158 バイト) arubamu15.jpg (99852 バイト) arubamu16.jpg (95072 バイト)

【centrepiece crossing】

It presented Cake Carry bag on the birthday of the teacher of ESL(English as a Second Language).
To do sewing by the assemblyline operation by using the remainder cloth, it plans without permission.
The pattern making was done while chatting ,divided into three portions. (sewing machine)
29 patterns of 10cm are made, and it finishes it up in the centrepiece crossing and the coaster.
At the stage that the pattern finished sewing, , saying that 'Was there impossibility?' though it had gotten depressed ・・・ -.
Making one work from everyone has the meaning.
A detailed point was connived, and brought together.
A person good at embroidery embroiders the name of 12 people to finish and it completes it.  
The highest present that the hand of 11 people joined was completed. It cooperates, and I wish to express my gratitude.

CenterCross4.jpg (81516 バイト) CenterCross.jpg (70364 バイト) CenterCross2.jpg (82867 バイト) CenterCross3.jpg (90689 バイト)

It took care of a baby, [ri], sign discipline, cutting sewing machine iron charge ・・・・, and the allotment were done wanting to make it by all means when it was busy when a child was being brought up, and the cushion of the tree was made in old times. Finish was decorated with the strawberry a lot. It is everyone, and memories that were ..side job.. happy. It plays like each children until ..made strawberry.. completing. It doesn't return and it has the memory that it is made to make extra. Dear memories.

【Autumn  Quilts】

stich5.jpg (88029 バイト) The scenery of the Amish-son that visited second cross-stitch work and four years ago. It became crazy while recalling calm scenery. It is terrible. ..one month.. ..completion.. however, pleasure was a moment. The embroidery string of the remainder noticed and random multi [inoni] noticed it putting it back in order. The manual is checked panicking. It is too slow. It should not be the haha convinced. This work stitched three [doride]. 'The character is [derumondanaa] ・・・・' and [chikuri].
(about 20x30 ㎝   embroidery string   24 colors)

【A bird of GA Cardinal】

cross stitch1.jpg (80693 バイト) Oh? Eyes are [chikachika]ed, and the focus is not suitable. It does too much when becoming crazy.
(age and [chikuri])  It shifted by one step and it stitched when noticing. Shock. A day is useless.   The string heard it was extra, and solved the part that failed in scissors cutting it. This time, the string becomes insufficient and uneasily. The string got twisted and it got irritated ・・・ There were harvest and dusting. The first work. Is there a problem in the character?Uneasiness. (17 15.6X10・5 ㎝   embroidery string colors)

Cake  Carry  Bag】

hukuro2.jpg (120121 バイト) hukuro3.jpg (95098 バイト) When bringing together by one goods, it pouched and super was carried. Backing that met at such time. Because the cloth of the quilting of an irregular dye that seems to be spring was found, it sews during a day. The size of 43cm in the diameter including the margine to seam.
hukuro.jpg (83312 バイト) hukuro4.jpg (69631 バイト) The patchwork three the cm was sewn with the sewing machine and matched to the square of 5㎝ with the cloth of the favor.   Shock.   The needle eyes were rough at night when checking it on the quilting doing and the next day. The arrangement of feelings doesn't attach when happening to my body though it has been taught, 'The needle eyes only have to be even'. The age. 『[Ha], [i]. It works hard. 』It persuades to me solving. It is sad ・・・ -.

Work hard】
The friend sent it.
'The string is can pass, and ・・・・ in the needle not tired though cannot tremble by the person and good at character and written. '
The remarkable piece of work that is [tsuku]. 84-years old [noo] [**] [chama](From the   exhibition in 2006. )  
Very, stimulation was received. Thank you.

84キルト7.jpg (36890 バイト) 84キルト5.jpg (23924 バイト) 84キルト4.jpg (25669 バイト) 84キルト6.jpg (27175 バイト)
84キルト.jpg (42732 バイト) 84キルト3.jpg (29559 バイト) 84キルト2.jpg (23345 バイト)

If the image springs, let's make it to the work.

picture1.jpg (52590 バイト) picture2.jpg (57335 バイト) picture3.jpg (57761 バイト) picture4.jpg (54729 バイト) picture5.jpg (61681 バイト)



DSCN2571.JPG (207845 バイト) DSCN2574.JPG (182283 バイト) The chomp chomp criminal was a deer while the child who followed from the back was being waited as for the leaf of the hydrangea. It doesn't run away even if eyes are appropriate for eyes. Mother is strong.   It is trimmed gradually small. Will the flower bloom next year of [aaa] ・・・・?
Was the deer seen after an interval of three months?  Moreover, taking a picture succeeds. We wish not to express our gratitude to the fawn. The focus : because of the excitement ・・・ -.       (15 in August 50 minutes of   PM7 o'clock)


【The Adams Farms     strawberry is picked】

strawberry.jpg (106748 バイト) The back in the stall was a vast strawberry patch. The scale is different.
The bucket is gotten, and the strawberry picking in the specified place. Gloss seems to be good and ・・・・ shines and it to be delicious.
Because it had not eaten a delicious strawberry, the bucket was half picked in the United States with unassuming modesty. (five dollars)  Because the sponge cake was burnt before it goes out, it decorates it all. (cake like the middle of chiffon cake and sponge cake)
It was after a long time and it was ..[ichigoke-ki].. delicious. The strawberry was very juicy.
When it eats a strawberry here, it cannot eat the strawberry of super. (April 27)

Please   peep     for a moment Adams Farms www.adamsfarmfayettevillega.com 

【Line Creek     spring】
It has   gone while enjoying the drive of 35 minutes to the Line Creek entrance with the golf cart because it was fine. Walking hearing the music of the sound and the small bird where water flows. Young leaves were very beautiful. Fresh discoveries. Children enjoyed dabbling in water in the rock. There were a person who was strolling with the family and the dog that was enjoying fishing and a jogging person, too. (April 6)

line creek1.jpg (124667 バイト) line creek5.jpg (86758 バイト) line creek6.jpg (87337 バイト) line creek4.jpg (94915 バイト)
line creek3.jpg (115477 バイト) line creek2.jpg (103372 バイト)

【Line Creek     summer】

The time that had been visited in spring was different scenery. To the farther shore walking ・・・ -.
Very, it has peeped into the riverbed. Luck. [Datta].
Last time, is the sculpture of the horse that overlooks it does weather, and this?The state. (July 24)

line creek7.jpg (84747 バイト) DSCN2446.JPG (196825 バイト) line creek8.jpg (96186 バイト)

【pear flower】

nasi1.jpg (141772 バイト) nasi2.jpg (147456 バイト) Young leaves had gone out as the pear flower had missed timing with surprising swiftness full-bloomed and this year. (March 10)


[Tameni] of ..choosey.. [iochibichan] and 【 seasoning tempura of the carrot 】 are very Japanese syllabaries. ・・・・
Is the carrot good in the play sense because it peels off with the peeler with the soapberry with the child?
(There are a carrot and a spinach cake in the cake recipe. )

For < material > 2
Carrot ・・・ 150 grams
Egg       ・・・ 1 piece
    Water       ・・・ 1/3 cups
    Soft flour ・・・ 1/  Three cups
    Potato starch ・・・ 1/3 cups
    Soy sauce ・・・ Big spoon 1
    Sugar   ・・・ Big spoon 1
    Salt     ・・・ Teaspoon 1/3
    Sesame oil ・・・ Teaspoon 1
Black sesame   ・・・ Big spoon 1
Giving oil   ・・・ Properly
How to make of < >
1. The peeler, and the carrot is thin and soapberry not remaining.
    Length is about 5cm.
    It mixes it until coming not putting the powders of A).
The seasoning and the sesame of 3. B in clothes that can be worn) are put and mixed.
4. It can be suitable in clothes by putting the carrot there, and [kaki] [**].
    It deep-fries according to points.
Because ☆ taste is attached, it eats as it is and it is delicious.
The salt of ☆ seasoning need not be added.
It is possible to adjust it even if refraining from ☆ sugar by sweetness the carrot original.
In entering of ☆ potato starch, it rises with [sakkuri].
It becomes ☆ switch, and [nikaki] [**donburi] of the next day can be done when remaining.
  At that time, a small amount of heaven soup or soup to [kakete] [tencha]
  Then, is it delicious?


                                                   From the Yuko recipe

There is [**] in the chiffon cake making. Tea with the basis, tea, and the chocolate banana ・・・ It came to be burnt well. Merengue failure in powdered green tea chiffon cake.   It is a cause that the yolk had entered albumen just a little when albumen and the yolk divided. (swelling reducing by half)  The difficult one though the tool knew after it beautifully wipes it when merengue is made. This time, it retrieves by merengue and it studies for a moment. The egg at the summer time be seeming chicken's poor nutrition, a watery egg, and it seem to fail if the chiffon cake is made at this time. The egg with a high price was written at the summer time ・・・・. Because it is a beginner, ? fully : still.

The almond poodle almond powder almond meal almond flower ‥ The alias is different because of the country though the same one.