About myself

Born at Koriyama, Fukushima, Japan. Living at Peachtree City, GA. Age ?. Male. Have been moving from Torrance, CA -> Atlanta, GA -> Wayne, NJ -> Torrance, CA -> Peachtree City, GA. I moved by car from Atlanta. It seems I circled around the Continent by car.

1 Hobby #1
I play Bass guitar. I like Big Band music, for example Count Basie, Buddy Rich, Kenny Clarke and I listen to them even now. Unfortunately because for the demands of work, I can not find the time to play. I think I will play again one day when I get the time. But I can not play Bass without band members. I hope to find band members here in Georgia.

2 Hobby #2
I like to read English novels. I transport the book to text file using scanner and OCR program, then read it using electric dictionary. At first I started reading to study English, but when I start reading, I was always attracted by the story and skipped the unknown words to follow the story. After the first reading I then reread it to get precise meaning.
Here is the list of books I have read.

Clive Cussler

Atlantis Found
Flood Tide
Inca Gold
Night Probe
Pacific Vortex!
Raise the Titanic
The Mediterranean Caper
Valhalla Rising

John Grisham

The Partner
The Rainmaker
The Runaway Jury
The Street Lawyer
The Testament
Time to Kill

Robin Cook

Chromosome 6
Fatal Cure
Point of Origin

Patricia Cornwell

Hornet's Nest
Southern Cross
Unnatural Exposure

Sidney Sheldon

Master of The Game
Nothing Lasts Forever
Tell Me Your Dreams
The Best Laid Plans

Michael Connelly

The Concrete Blond
The Last Coyote
Void Moon

I like Dirk Pitt. Combi with Giordino is excellent. I can relate to his character for many reasons. Clive Cussler is also enjoyable as he comes on in the novel at least once like Hitchcock.

I have read many other books that are not listed above.
If there is somebody doing same thing, would you exchange each other? It is unlawful of copyright so I can not do to go publicly (Hey! You're doing it.)

3 Hobby #3
Computer IT and network administration. Linux of course.

4 Job
I work as a embedded systems software engineer. I help to deliver world class multimedia products for one of the top multimedia companies in the world.
I have worked in test engineering as a tester and as a manager.
I have worked in Alaska to build up the laboratory workstation systems for researching Arctic environment.
I have worked for a major Asian airline doing flight readiness testing for aircraft control systems and maintenance of flight simulator for pilot training.


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