Dhcp server setup

When you build up your home LAN, you probably want to use dhcp server. If you have not installed dhcp daemon, install it. Normaly, dhcp daemon is not installed automaticaly.

Then edit the dhcpd.conf in /etc as following.

If you use the Redhat Ver8.0 then add a line else you don't need it.
ddns-update-style ad-hoc;

opetion domain-name-servers,;
You have IP addresses of primay domain and secondary domain provided by your ISP. Write them to this line.

option domain-name mydomain.com;
Write your domain name.

option subnet-mask;
Write subnet mask.

option broadcast-address;
Write maximum number of your LAN address.

option routers;
Write the address of router.

oefault-lease-time 86400;
Designate the default lease time by second.

max-lease-time 604800;
Designate the maximum lease time by second.

subnet netmask

Write your LAN address then designate the raange of address which you atempt to lease.

host hostname
hardware ethernet 00:10:A4:8A:C5:58;
When you want to specify the fixed address to paricure machine, write the IP address with MAC address.


Normary, that's all.

subnet netmask

When you setup your mchine as a router, write the WAN address without range.

After save the file, open Service Configureation GUI and check mark dhcpd then save and start it. Lease history is written in /var/lib/dhcp/dhcpd.leases, confirm it.



Modified date:2003/05/2612:02:30